Paul Weiner Soloshow

Hunter / Killer Groupshow

LEIGHT + WEIGHT: Andy Holtin & Samantha Sethi


Damir Radovic: Mythologie of Titans 

Irena Eden & Stijn Lernout: congobos

Hell Gette, Magdalena Kita, Alessandro Leggio: #strangerthings 

Mevlana Lipp curated by Wilko Austermann: Eden


Irma Markulin: Heroines

Paul Owen Weiner: American Amnesia 

Tobias Sternberg & Nat Tafelmacher Magnat: Pixilated

Tracey Snelling: Then we take Berlin

Stefan Seelge: unbunt

Group Show: Conversations


Ulu Braun: Cave TV, Part I 

Ulu Braun: Cave TV, Part II 

Vienna Contemporary (by Satellite Projects Sarajevo): Soloshow with Irma Markulin 

Baptiste Debombourg: Transient 

Seattle Art Fair: Soloshow with Tracey Snelling 

Arte Santander: Soloshow with Damir Radovic

Volta Basel 13: Soloshow with Eden & Lernout 

Poppositions, Brussels: Soloshow with Eden & Lernout

Robert Kunec: Collateral Damage

Anna Lena Anton I Stefan Seelge (Master Class of  Katharina Fritsch & Thomas Grünfeld): Fresh

Eckart Hahn, Quinten Ingelaere, Tessa Knapp, Lieven Lefere, Jon Shelton: Dark Ground


Damir Radovic: Tomorrow at dawn 

Tracey Snelling: The naked city

Arte Santader: Soloshow withJon Shelton

Irma Markulin: Supersize

Volta Basel 12: Tracey Snelling & Ulu Braun

Ulu Braun: I am bagging for likes like Dürer hands

Poppositions, Brussels: Soloshow with Robert Kunec

Andy Holtin: Models, theories and stories we tell

Selected by Prof. Katharina Fritsch, Class of Katharina Fritsch: Jovita Majewski, Anna Lena Anton, Stefan Seelge, Hakan Eren 


Group show: Moving targets

Irena Eden & Stijn Lernout: Places named after numbers 

Tobias Sternberg: Revelations

Poppositions, Brussels: Soloshow with Tobias Sternberg

Jon Shelton: Mixed Invitational 

Irma Markulin: Machtblende

Robert Kunec: Still hungry


Damir Radovic: Air Liquide

Baptiste Debombourg: Ultra Transparency

 Group show (Gallery's artists): Fragile! – Vorsicht, zerbrechlich!

Curated by Leiko Ikemura: Aus der Klasse Ikemura

Ulu Braun: Gurus, Ghosts

Tracey Snelling: Mouth of Honey, Heart of Daggers 

Brussels Cologne Contemporaries 


Robert Kunec and Vincent Michéa

Jon Shelton: Title Redacted

Irena Eden & Stijn Lernout: Sandy Island 

Tobias Sternberg: Seeing is Believing  - Recording the impossible

Brussels Cologne Contemporaries 

Volta Basel: Tobias Sternberg & Robert Kunec 

Step09, Milan: Eden & Lernout, Baptiste Debomboug & Robert Kunec 


Robert Kunec: Act of treason 

Baptiste Debombourg: Agony in the garden 

Claudia Marcela Robles: Chromogenic 

Damir Radovic: Wenn nicht jetzt 

Group show (Artist of the gallery): Three Dimensional 

Brussels Cologne Contemporaries

Volta Basel: Soloshow with Baptiste Debombourg