The Wanderer, imbroidered jean fabric, 2010 

Bad Box, 2006/2012 

Spirit Chair, 2010 

Chop Cut and Slice, 2016 

Chop Cut and Slice, 2016

Lost World Axe, 2012 

Geodesic Hive, 2015 

Spiny Core, 2012 

Unplanned Obsolescence, 2012 

Unplanned Obsolescence, 2012

Quantum Prayer, 2014

Lady of the Void, 2014

Lady of the Void, 2014


Collages, gallery view 2013

Blooming Telescopes, Collage 

Posture Confidence, Collage 

Americans, Collage 

Size of Unicorn, Collage 

Too godamn close, Collage 

Mystery, Collage 

Time is running out, light bulbs, sand, acrylic glass, 2015 

Seven sins for the living, Installation, 2006 

Shallowness (Seven sins for the living), Installation, 2006 

Shame (Seven sins for the living), Installation, 2006

Playing War, clay soldiers, furniture, Kunsthalle Stavanger, Norway 2014 

Tank, aluminium, 2010 

Fear your neighbours, spear, wood, Samurai handling instructions, 2011 

Papi’s Pistole, (series of different toy guns) wood, tin, black glass frame, 2012/2014 

Papi’s Pistole, (series of different toy guns) wood, tin, black glass frame, 2012/2014 

Papi’s Pistole, (series of different toy guns) wood, tin, black glass frame, 2012/2014 

Papi’s Pistole, (series of different toy guns) wood, tin, black glass frame, 2012/2014 

Tobias Sternberg is a multidisciplinary sculptor, extending his practice to installation, video, collage and performance. To all these mediums he brings the sculptor's understanding of skillful craft and material presence. His work is infused with a dark humor and a flair for story-telling, and often in a playful way challenges the rules of the art world itself. His video works have been shown at Videonale, Kunstmuseum Bonn. Tobias Sternberg was born in Stockholm, studied at Goldsmith's College in London, and now lives and works in Berlin. He is a co-founder of artists' run space HilbertRaum.org. 


Tobias Sternberg was born in Stockholm, Sweden / Lives in Berlin.


2002-2005 First Class with Honors BA degree in Fine Arts and Contemporary Critical Studies at Goldsmiths College, London 



The Temporary Artrepair Workshop with Goethe Institut, Weimar, Germany


The Temporary Artrepair Workshop in the course of “Visiting Artist”-stage, American University, in Washington, USA (October) Curated by Tobias Sternberg, Hilbertraum, Berlin, Germany (September)
Revelations, krupic kersting || kuk, Cologne, Germany (June-August)
Poppositions, Brussels, Belgium (April)


Tactile Narratives, Kunsthalle Stavanger, Norway


Seeing is Believing, Soloshow at the occasion of Cologne Contemporaries Weekend, kuk, Cologne 2012 Temporary Art Repairshop, ESW, Edinburgh

Temporary Art Repairshop, PS2, Belfast


Krieg Spielen, Krupic Kersting Galerie, Cologne 2010 PaperLifeGrid, Golden Parachutes, Berlin


Yourself from the Outside, PS2, Belfast

Review, Cornexchange gallery, Edinburgh 2006 Point of Sale. Cornexchange gallery, Edinburgh 



Inaugural Exhibition Part One, Hilbertraum, Berlin, Germany Extreme Juxtaposition, Hilbertraum, Berlin, Germany


The Remarkable Lightness of Being, aeroplastics contemporary, Brussels, Belgium Entre deux chaises un livre, Fondation Boghossian, Brussels, Belgium
Fragile. Krupic Kersting Galerie, Cologne


Vienna Fair, ViennaManufactor

Motorenhalle, Dresden


Re:MMX, Co-Verlag, Berlin
Three dimensional. Krupic Kersting Galerie, Cologne 


Funkhaus Kunstpreis, shortlisted, Berlin Cash & Carry, MMX, Berlin

Mehr Licht, GlogauAIR, Berlin


Artistic intervention for Videonale on tour, Sarajevo 

Guest artist, GlogauAIR open studios, Berlin Jour du Nord, Simultanhalle, Cologne ShowIV, MMX, Berlin
In hiding, with Andrea Roe, das Büro, Berlin


Videonale 12, Kunstmuseum Bonn, Germany
Pavilhao 28, Centro Hospitalar Psiquiatrico, Lisbon, Portugal Athens Video Art Festival, Athens, Greece VisualcontainerTV, Web TV, Italy
FRIK, Skopje, Macedonia
Saison Vidéo 2009, Valenciennes, France
S1 Salon 09, S1 Artspace, Sheffield, England


Videoholica, Varna, Bulgaria
Lumen Eclipse, Cambridge, MA, USA

Souvenirs From Earth, cable TV, Cologne, Germany


Outside Perspectives, Crawford Municipal Art Gallery, Cork, Ireland 

Saison Vidéo 2007, Lille, France 

Nature Untouched, Tou Scene, Stavanger, Norway


AWOL, Young Artists’ Biennial 2nd edition, Bucharest, Romania 

Smoke and Mirrors. mac-Midlands Arts Centre and VIVID, Birmingham Saison Vidéo + Fringe#1, Espace Croisé, Roubaix, France
The Maid of Corinth. The Market Gallery , Glasgow, Scotland


The Gallery is Temporarily Open for Unnecessary Refurbishment, consisting of site-specific permanent sculptural interventions in the Embassy gallery, Edinburgh. 

EXiS 2005, Experimental Film and Video Festival in Seoul, South Korea 4th International Kansk Videofestival, Kansk, Russia
prog:ME, Centro Cultural Telemar, Rio de Janeiro 


HOME BASE IV. Home base gallery, Tokyo
Off the Wall, The Fold gallery, Kirkby Stephen, England
Uninhabited. Curated and participated in group show as part of ongoing
program of Art at Kingly Court, organized by National Campaign for the Arts, London. Visual Arts, Bath Fringe Festival 2004, Bath, England


HOME BASE III. Home base gallery, Tokyo



Compeung Grant 2012; one month production residency, Thailand


Esmée Fairbarn programme, six week residency; Cove Park, Scotland 

EMARE, two month media research residency; VIVID in Birmingham


 mapXXL organized by Pépiniéres Européennes pour jeunes Artistes. Four month studio residency; National Sculpture Factory in Cork, Ireland


Community. One month studio residency, Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland



This is the Place. Induction week for the MfA students at Edinburgh College of Art Commissioned by Dr Neil   Mulholland 


Shiftwork, designed and led part of workshop for emerging artists

Commissioned by Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop and Dr Neil Mulholland at Edinburgh College of Arts 


Private collections: e.g. Collection Famille Servais, Belgium, Sammlung Sutter, CH, Collection Galila Barzai, Belgium Collection Frédéric de Goldschmid, Belgium + private collections in Cologne, London, Berlin, Milan etc.


Artist Cataloque TOBIAS STERNBERG, 2013. Various authors/curtators, published by the Krupic Kersting Gallery and the artist.

Kölnische Rundschau, on Tobias Sternberg, January 2013.

Süddeutsche Zeitung on Tobias Sternberg, 28/29.08.201.